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by Vampyre Anvil

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Vampyre Anvil is Jason Novak & Sean Payne.


released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Vampyre Anvil Chicago, Illinois

Vampyre Anvil is Jason Novak & Sean Payne. Culling the sounds of past projects (Acucrack, Cyanotic, Acumen Nation) VA takes a darker, complicated path to redemption.

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Track Name: Million Mutant March
tremble in the subspace
gyrate to the end times
murder in the atmosphere
chaos in the cortex
power to annihilate
terror as an opiate
murder in the atmosphere
chaos at the controls
Track Name: The Heart is an Underwater Tomb
vitriol and bitten lips
poisonous and counterfeit
stupid is as stupid is
need another adjective
the education of the slave
is an all out massacre
don't you think the owners know
what they reap will overthrow

a coronated liar ascends
and im so over it
we got another prick who thinks he's god
and im over it

back by demand this lillywhite
bible band of lunatics
a stranglehold on basic brains
and simple truths its out of control
never knew a race of rubes
could disengage intellegence
from the mouths of ugly babes
look at you a diaper changed asinine american
Track Name: You Fly Off the Handle
fingertrips the windowpane
nature tries to safeguard itself
chemical nasty suffer mental collision
membrane crossed an hour ago
and how do i manage the present
when all the barriers come crashing down
and how do i navigate the future
when my compass grows alien antenna
new information lies just a synapse away
never should have signed the form, fucking idiot
vision isn't trusted and the handrails melt away
gravity indifferent to this transformation
Track Name: Carry a Knife to a Gunfight
focus on the enemy proud of your passion
sharpening the blades of aggression
open up a militant method of thinking
im in it for the blood and not for the glory or the grace
enter the ring and its one against many
familiar story familair faces
visions of chaos are leading you blind
slicing through the bodies a memory perfect
the bigger the brawn the deeper the cut
violence a code and im about to break

the recipe is so demanding
for my reign to achieve its violent perfection
annihilation days

bitter pill anathema begs you to swallow
terror in the form of a dark loving embrace
counter productive as a means of betrayal
a lever is pulled and your history falls out from space
broken in a horrible way
crippled to the core once again
laughing as we turn these bloody tables
loving every second today
laughing as your losing your will
im in it for the blood and not for the glory or the grace
Track Name: Bad Acid
driving past the house again memories of the trees
they filtered out the world enough so no one else could see
parking in the shadows lurking always underneath
still i stay just out of sight until i can breathe
working every night to gather up the nerve to try
keep away says every bone creaking as i creep
closer… closer

hollow brain like a dogs bark
shouting past the logic in a rage
and i ask you no, i tell you
things could be so different now
i know ive really changed
i swear i promise fuck im shouting
so you run for cover
and i implode

now im smashing
all the windows and the panes
my arms are running red but
nothing seems to cut through
all the attitude and horror i am
it keeps me up at night and focused
on a goal of how to reach you
and scare you and oh my god
i think ive lost you again
blinding rage now out the door
the image of you spitting insults
and the truth it always has a way
of cutting too deep
and im a million miles an hour
blasting through the interchange
and praying that those headlights
can stop the pain

anger got the best of me, let you down again
but still ill wait for a sign to show you i've changed
i know i fucked it up again, scared you away
but i remain dedicated to taking you down with me
but i remain dedicated to taking you down with me
Track Name: Stupid Is As Stupid Is
corners cold and left rotting with your scent
nothing here to do but disintegrate

two of us wrapped within 8 limbs
but one of us will asphixiate
guess its me

loyalty never escaped the surf
or raised its royal mane
charity crashed on the rocks
and bled her sails away

i've got a body bag right here
filled with the bones of hope and betrayal
and i'd dig a shallow grave right now
fill it with the pretty things you wear
i'd build an abattoir right here
comes with a casket built for two
comes with the fix i need for me
comes with a lovers tomb for you
Track Name: Eclipse
in the trenches once again new gun you're too bold with a head all full of attitude
manifest your destiny to abuse and destroy no beauty left and no clip to empty

as we inseminate the broken flowers
dirty pollen over-colonizing and bleeding the planet

on refrain and repeat go west and terrorize we know its all the same real estate
on two legs or 64 it doesnt matter get the job done so hijack it and conquer

initiate the battle stems and organize the animals but do not delay no hesitation
its all just soylent black and running red from here on out we trap, brainwash and brutalize it

as we inseminate the broken flowers
dirty pollen over-colonizing and bleeding the planet
Track Name: This Way Out
taken down the wrong path
its a broken record on a permanent skip
another fork in the road
another choice to chance
and i always run from the light

mirrors only seem to appear in dreams
never at the right time never when i need
reflection not a privilege never was a right
wonder how the mask i wear reflects the light

you get scared when you get clean
my language doesn't offer words to live by
tremble in the stream
this water washes nothing
and i always run from the fight

poison apple inhale calling out to me
taste it once and dream again tonight
waking life and what could be
are no match for my insecurity

all of the tears that nobody dried
and none of the times i gave a fuck
ever amounted to a reason
to come back and head into the light

all of the screams that no one heard
and none of the moments i could feel
ever amounted to a reason
to come back into the light